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Portraiture Fees

I would like to share my advice regarding drawing and painting portraits, no matter the medium.  The most important and fundamental task is to learn the anatomy and proportions of the human skull and its features.  Practice, practice practice is so very important whether you prefer to draw impressionistic or realistic portraits.  I can't stress that enough!  There are basic rules but there are also exceptions to the rules that apply to drawing the human face. Straight on, profile, or 3/4 view, most faces all share common traits. Perspective is also a key component to drawing lifelike portraits. 

Have your favorite loved one rendered in Graphite/Pencil from your favorite photograph. Black & White or Color Photo is acceptable.  Make sure you provide the highest quality/resolution image possible.  You can email them directly as an attachment(s) or by mail. Photos sent by mail will be returned to you. Please provide a self addressed stamped envelope with your photo(s).  Contact me for  a pastel or oil portrait fee quote or for any additional questions.  Join my mailing list for special offers and great discounts!

Payment in full is required before portrait is created.

Portraits over $1000.00 require a 50 percent deposit. The balance due when portrait(s) shipped. Framing is not included in price.  Shipping & Handling Fee Extra.  Prices may change at any time.

Pencil/Graphite portraits & Charcoal portraits.

11 x 14 Inches   $250.00 

14 x 17 Inches   $450.00  Add $225 for an additional image

18 x 24 Inches   $675.00  Add $225 for an additional image

Colored Pencil portraits 

11 x 14 Inches $450.00

14 x 17 Inches $750.00  Add $375 for an additional image

18 x 24 Inches $995.00  Add $375 for an additional image

Pastel portraits 

14 x 17 Inches $950.00  Call for price quote for additional portrait

18 x 24 Inches $1500.00  Call for price quote for additional portrait

Oil on Linen portraits 

16 x 20 Inches $2500.00

20 x 24 Inches $3500.00

24 x 30 Inches $5000.00  Call for price quote for additional portrait

36 x 48 Inches $7500.00  Call for price quote for additional portrait

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