The beauty of Art is that it lives on,  forever!  Generation to generation.

My attitude/philosophy about art is quite
simplistic and subjective. You either like it or you don't. The true
value of art is measured by what you are willing to invest to possess

One does not need to possess it to admire it. Amateur or professional doesn't matter. One man's trash is
another man's treasure, metaphorically speaking. One of my fondest
objectives is to create art that helps make a spectator's eyes see, and
feel, what they wouldn't, otherwise. I am inspired to create works of
art that reveal an opening to my soul, nature's soul. I have over fifty years

of continuous drawing and painting experience! I like to work in many mediums and many different subject matter.

I also like to experiment while setting no boundaries.

Pablo Picasso once said...” Every
Child Is An Artist. The problem becomes, once the child is an adult,
to remain an artist.”  Kahlil Gibran wrote in his book The
...“Art arises when the secret vision of the artist and the
manifestation of nature agree to find new shapes.”

The beauty of art is it has an effect on people and society, consciously or subconsciously.

It is also universal. So, keep an open mind, and an open heart, and open your eyes!
Make each a day a masterpiece! Art is beautiful, whether created by
man/woman, or nature's sublime!
- Kevin Cromartie

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