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Kevin began drawing at a very early age.  Kevin was born in Madison Wisconsin, along with his twin sister Karen. Rumor has it that he had the best handwriting/penmanship in his 3rd-grade class.  Kevin could also at this young age draw remarkably well.  In fact, he could draw anything that was placed in front of him perfectly.  Except, any words that were drawn were drawn backward, from right to left. Soda Cans, cigarette boxes, etc. This was due to the fact that Kevin suffered from a mild form of Dyslexia. According to his teachers, his condition improved and was completely resolved by the time he was in 5th grade. He was encouraged to continue drawing and took special private advanced drawing lessons in Junior High.  Kevin attended Hastings-On-the-Hudson High School, in Hastings, New York his junior & senior year.  


Controversy developed when Kevin was voted Most Artistic in the 1970 HHS Yearbook.


You see, Kevin never enrolled in any art classes offered, while at HHS!  FYI, Time Magazine voted HHS as one of the top 10 public high schools in the nation. It should also be noted that Kevin’s father was a top airline executive &  Labor Attorney for TWA, which allowed Kevin to travel the world, studying cultures and wildlife the world over. 

Kevin was courted by several different Art Schools/Colleges and applied to a dozen from coast to coast, accepted by all,  before settling on Parson's School Of Design.  Now known as The New School Parsons, arguably considered the finest design school in the world!  Notable Alumni include Jasper Johns, artist, Donna Karan, Fashion Designer, and Illustrator Norman Rockwell. Just a few of many famous Parson's alumni.

Kevin's portraits have been commissioned by hundreds of clients nationwide. His portraiture has won several national awards. The Nature Company and the Banana Republic were two of the first retail stores to feature Kevin’s unique and beautiful wildlife images nationwide. In the mid 80’s Kevin was under contract with Determined Productions out of San Francisco which licensed his work for distribution through J.C. Pennys and Macy’s department stores and for worldwide distribution. For the past 40 years, Kevin has been painting wildlife compositions on garments and canvases. His hand-painted apparel has received national attention. His works of art on clothing have been represented in some of the finest boutiques and stores in the country, including Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Ave, Orbach's, Bloomingdales, Neiman-Marcus, I. Magnin, and Harrods' of London, to name a few.

Kevin has owned and operated 5 different retail/gallery stores in California, including one in Carmel, CA, most recently on Monterey’s historic Cannery Row, all featuring his work exclusively. His work has been featured in many national magazines and collected by Jane Goodall, Doris Day, Elizabeth Montgomery, Jerry Rice, Kim Novak, Betty White, Clint Eastwood, and many others. In addition to his famous and hugely popular wearable art, Kevin has created a line of hand painted & handmade ceramics, furniture, a line of greeting cards, a line of silk-screened apparel, and limited edition prints faithfully reproduced from some of his original oils and watercolors, and sculpture. His paintings, sculptures, portraits, and illustrations have been represented by many fine galleries including Dyansen Gallery in Carmel, CA and the Coast Gallery in Pebble Beach-Big Sur, CA. and several others through out the country. His work was used by Geffen Records for a promotion purposes, and  video.

Kevin’s other interests include playing basketball, tennis, guitar, fishing, kayaking, and computer technology. A former P/T runway model and high school/college teacher he has taught Web Design, A+ Certification Prep, and Desktop Publishing to high school students and adults at several different high schools in Salinas CA. He has been involved with many wildlife organizations and conservation groups including the World Wildlife Fund, National Wildlife Federation and others. After a decade in Bozeman, Montana, Kevin now resides in Eugene, Oregon. He has a daughter Sophia and a son Dylan. Kevin's work is displayed in several galleries throughout Eugene, Newport, Oregon, and other galleries nationally.  He continues to explore other subject matter, techniques,  and mediums, including landscapes, still life, impressionism, figure drawing, illustration, etc.  Mediums include graphite, charcoal, pastel, acrylic, oil, pen & ink, watercolor, and mixed media.  He is also a sculptor.

For additional information about Kevin’s original paintings, prints, and portrait prices call 541-603-0489 or email him at In late 2015, Kevin was asked if he would create art for for their apparel line. He is one of their popular designers. Proceeds go to help fight global illiteracy worldwide and provide jobs, and numerous other charities . Click on VIDA under the APPAREL TAB on top of page.

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